4" X 4" X 13' Chestnut Brown Line Post

4" X 4" X 13' Chestnut Brown Line Post

The American Fence Company

SKU: 7CB10895L

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This is for a vinyl fence. This is a 4" X 4" X 13' Chestnut Brown Line Post. 

When ordering, take note that posts are buried about 2 feet into the ground--this post would be suitable for a 11' fence.

  • Long-lasting
  • Impact modifiers for strength
  • UV Light Resistant
  • Self-Extinguishing
  • Easy care & upkeep

Posts must be cut down to lengths shorter than 8' to ship UPS. This post is cut to customer specifications, please note your desired length during checkout, which will reduce your shipping costs.  Please speak with an America's Fence Store representative.

If needed at full length, please contact America's Fence Store to place the order.

Posts 8' or shorter will be sent via UPS.